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A lot of people, I’d say 90% of the people I know, feel very strongly about the importance of being Christian.

It’s a belief, not a dogma.

But I think that the way that we have interpreted and understood the words of the bible has really been an impediment to many people’s understanding of who God is.

We have really come to believe that it is more important to be a Christian than to be Jewish, for example, and that to be Christian is to be ‘the good shepherd’.

And I think we are failing to understand the power of the word of God and its influence in human lives.

I think there are many reasons why we have been so quick to reject the word and the word alone.

But one of the things that I think is missing is the fact of the fact and the power and the significance of what we believe about the word.

So what is the meaning of God?

And is it the same for all people, or are we all just like this, God?

This is where things get tricky.

So I want to ask you this question about the meaning and power of God, in the context of the Bible, because I think this is where the debate about faith and God becomes more complicated and I think a lot of Christians would agree with me.

In the Bible the Bible has a lot about faith.

But it also has a huge amount about the relationship between God and humanity.

We know that God created the universe.

We see the sun and the moon, and we see the planets and the stars, and our understanding of these things is based on God’s word.

What does it mean to be human?

We can see that this is a very human thing to say, because we have to understand that humanity is part of God.

We also have to realise that the relationship with God, that which God gives us, is in many ways similar to that which humans have with God.

And the relationship of God to humanity has also changed over time.

There are lots of stories about the ancient Egyptians, for instance, and about the Greeks, and even more recently, with the rise of Islam.

And we are all aware of this.

So when we say that God is love, we are saying that God wants to be loved by humans, and God wants us to be happy.

And God wants all of us to love one another, so that we can all be happy together.

So there is a lot to say about this.

What about the story of the Jews?

We know, for sure, that God loved the Jewish people.

He made the whole world, and he made the Jewish prophets.

But there are some things that are unclear.

How could the Jewish religion have evolved if God had not made them?

And there is also a problem with the idea that God loves everyone.

We all know that there are people who are not God’s people.

There is also the fact, which we know from history, that when God made a human being he did not make him in a particular way, because human beings evolve.

They evolve.

And in many cases they are very good at doing that.

So the story about God, as told in the Bible does not have to say that He is loving.

The story does not say that.

The Bible says that God hates people who do not follow His rules.

The Jewish prophets also said that God hated people who did not follow Him.

But they did not say it as God hated them.

They said it as the prophets were doing.

So, we know that we are in a state of evolution.

We are in an era where we have changed radically from one generation to another, and the laws that God has given us, and what he wants us, are evolving.

And, therefore, we have a lot more to say than what the prophets had to say.

But the story does have to be told, because the story says that in a time when God did not want us to do this and did not have a way to do that, He made us.

God is loving, and He wants us all to love and to be content with our place in this world.

So that is the story, the story that is written in the bible.

And this story is very important to people’s lives.

We don’t have to accept it in a vacuum.

We should be very careful, because in this story there is no question of what God does for people, but the story has to be made clear.

And that is what I am going to try to do.

So next week, we’ll be talking about how to deal with the story and what to do about the people who don’t accept the story.

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