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Democrats are looking to get rid of the president’s signature legislative accomplishment with a bill that would allow states to pass laws aimed at cutting carbon emissions.

The GOP-led Senate has begun debating the measure, which would create a $20-per-ton tax to be applied to greenhouse gas emissions.

Democrats want to cut taxes for every household in the country.

The proposal is likely to pass with Democratic support, and if the bill becomes law, it would create an avenue for states to cap greenhouse gas pollution at the rate of 2 percent of the economy.

The bill also aims to ease restrictions on fracking, a controversial drilling technique that environmentalists say will help the economy in the long term.

The president has vowed to veto it, saying it would drive up electricity prices and hurt the economy by driving up the price of gas.

Republicans say the bill would put an unfair burden on small businesses, while the industry argues that the tax is necessary to encourage development of energy-efficient buildings and cars.

They also say it would hurt low-income Americans who depend on gas for energy.

Trump has said that he opposes the tax and said it is unfair to low- and middle-income workers.

He has also repeatedly said he would sign the legislation, but he hasn’t given a timetable for doing so.

He previously said the tax could be used to create jobs.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is the bill’s author.

The Senate is expected to vote on the bill next week.

The measure is part of a larger package of bills that are expected to include measures to combat the opioid crisis and other issues.

The House also approved a budget measure on Wednesday that would help states expand Medicaid and lower the federal debt ceiling.

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