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Updated September 23, 2018 08:06:27 House elevators have become a popular pastime for those looking to raise the profile of their properties.

The popular song “House Elevator” was inspired by a video by British singer-songwriter, DJ and musician, DJ Vazza, who recently shared his views on the subject on Twitter.

The song was released in 2016 by the Australian artist VazZA and he has since released four more albums.

“House Elevators” has become a favourite among many fans of the music genre and it is often used as a song of praise on YouTube.

The lyrics of the song are not as overtly political as the lyrics of other songs by the same name, but it still reflects the general mood of the era.

In 2017, Vazzi released a remix of “House Estimate” featuring two of his own tracks and the song has also been used as the title track of Vazzad’s latest album, The End of All Things.

“It’s just an elevator song, it’s not a political song, just an elevators song,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“I’m not the most political person but I’m just happy it has a good sound.”

He added that he believed the song was influenced by the video of the same title, which featured his daughter on the top of an elevator.

“That’s the thing I think most people are looking for is to be able to say to the elevators people love them, they love them,” he said.

“So I wanted to show people that this is what people really do love.”

People who don’t love it don’t have a clue.

“Vazza has not revealed what he did with the lyrics or when he recorded the remix, but his Twitter bio describes the song as a “love letter” to the city’s elevators.

The house elevator song has been used to promote Vazs latest album and also as a tagline in several advertisements and promotional videos.

Vazzav’s remix of the “House Estimates” video also appeared in an ad for a new line of food packaging.”

Do you want to know how elevators are supposed to work?” asks the narrator in the ad.”

There are stairs, a lift and a door.

And that’s it,” Vazzu explains, as the ad ends.

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