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By now, most of us are familiar with the “20,000 mile” rule, which says that if you have 20,000 miles on your vehicle and its tires, you should start using a higher mileage.

However, some of you may not know the difference between a standard mileage rule and a higher “max mileage” rule.

The 20,001 mile rule is used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to define the maximum allowable mileage for cars and trucks.

The standard mileage for vehicles is 70,000, while a higher maximum mileage is 70% of the standard.

That means that a car that is rated at 70,001 miles on a manufacturer’s website would be allowed to drive over 70,005 miles on public roads.

The 20,011 mile rule has been used to determine the allowable mileage limits for cars, vans, buses and SUVs.

The NHTSA defines a “high mileage” vehicle as one that has at least 100,000 total miles on the odometer.

A “high mileage” vehicle can be either a truck or a car, but the definition for a truck is narrow.

A high-mileage vehicle must have a minimum of 100,001 combined miles.

In a vehicle that has a minimum rating of 90,000 combined miles, the standard mileage is 100,008 miles.

In a vehicle with a lower-mileages rating, the NHTSS uses the lower number of miles per day (30,000 or 20,002) to determine allowable miles.

The higher number is used to define a “normal mileage” rating, which is a higher number of the vehicle’s total miles than the 30,000 minimum.

The “20K mile” guideline is also used to set the maximum permissible mileage for new vehicles.

A vehicle rated at 20,100 miles is considered a “new vehicle” and has a “low mileage” requirement.

It has a 20,010 mile limit on the car side, a 20k mile limit in the van side and a 20K mile limit for a van.

If a vehicle is listed as a “modified vehicle” with a 20 million mile maximum, it must be a newer model than the original vehicle.

The guidelines also apply to cars, which have lower mileage limits on the vehicle side.

A car with a higher-mileAGE rating of 100K miles would have a “standard mileage” of 90K miles, while the lower-rated vehicle would have no mileage limits.

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