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Posted September 05, 2018 07:24:15A doctor is calling for patients with elevated triglycerides to get tested.

A doctor from the University of New Mexico said he has seen a spike in triglycerides over the past few years in patients with heart disease and diabetes.

His patients are being prescribed a statin, but it’s been difficult to keep their blood levels down, he said.

He said people with elevated levels can have higher blood pressure and triglycerides that can cause a heart attack.

The problem is, people can’t take the statin medication, which has a high risk of heart attack, so they have to be monitored for changes in blood pressure or cholesterol levels, he added.

For example, people with a higher cholesterol level could have a heart condition called systolic hypertension.

A doctor at a nearby hospital told Reuters the hospital is now using a new statin to keep patients’ blood pressure down and to improve cholesterol numbers.

The statin is not recommended for everyone, but doctors are seeing an increase in the use of the statins in the United States, the University said in a statement.

Doctors are also beginning to look for ways to reduce triglycerides in the body, said Dr. James Fagan, a cardiologist at the hospital.

People with elevated blood pressure are at higher risk of developing heart disease.

The statin can help reduce the risk of the heart disease, he noted.

Trialists have been using the statenoid, called voriconazole, to treat people with high blood pressure for more than a decade.

Voriconafil, the drug used in that trial, lowers triglycerides and lowers the risk for heart disease by lowering the risk that the body becomes inflamed.

Voroncet, which is used to treat high blood cholesterol, has a similar effect.

Vitamins and minerals are also being tested for lowering triglycerides.

Many patients are prescribed statins because they have higher cholesterol levels or other health problems, said Robert Vollman, an assistant professor of medicine at the University at Buffalo.

“But people need to be on a regular, safe, low-risk regimen,” he said in an email.

To reduce triglyceride levels, doctors often prescribe the statine Lipitor, which lowers blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes.

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