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Five of the top 10 outfits at the Expo International, the largest trade show in Asia, will take part in the festival.

The Expo International has hosted a number of music festivals over the years, but this year, the theme of music is not music, but art.

The event is known for its exhibition of work from across Asia, with the first-ever showcase of work by renowned artists taking place in China in 2017.

Expo organisers said the event will take place at the Bagan National Convention Centre (BNCC) in Bundelkhand, a town in Uttar Pradesh state, in mid-May.

“This will be a unique festival and we are happy to have this opportunity to showcase some of our favorite works from all over the world,” said Rajesh Mehta, managing director of Expo, in a statement.

“Expo has been a long-standing favourite for visitors from around the world and we want to continue that trend.”

The five main exhibitors are: India’s oldest and largest music festival: the International Jazz Festival of India; Bollywood superstar Sangeetha Chopra, who has performed in over 30 countries; and a handful of pop stars from the U.S. and Canada, among others.

Bharat Electronics Festival of South Asia: a celebration of the music and art of South Asian music and culture; India-based artist and fashion designer M.

Sakshi, whose work has been exhibited in New York, Paris, London and Tokyo.

A number of the festival’s artists have been invited to join the opening ceremonies of the International Music Awards 2019, which will take over the London Palladium from May 29-30.

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