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By now, we’ve all seen what the alt-left’s favorite alt-party hero, Sen. Ted Cruz, (R-TX), has done to his GOP colleagues.

Cruz’s most notorious attack came on Sunday night in a town hall with Sen. Bob Corker (R, TN) in which he demanded that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) shut down the government.

And just days after that, the GOP establishment turned on Cruz.

The Republican establishment had already tried to marginalize Cruz as the last Republican holding his own in the race for the presidency, and now it tried to silence him, even though he’s one of their own.

Now the alt left wants to do the same.

The alt-Left has now gone to town on the GOP.

It’s the GOP, the party of Lincoln, Reagan, Bush Sr., Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan.

They’ve gone to bat for Trump, and they’ve done so to the point of actually undermining him.

What do they want with the party?

They want to turn it into a populist party of the people, which they call a “fascist party.”

That’s what they’ve been doing for the last several years.

So why have they been so successful?

There’s no obvious answer.

There are a few reasons.

First, because the alt right is a fringe phenomenon.

But it’s also a movement that has been very effective in mobilizing the conservative base.

It has the most loyal base of conservatives and Republicans who are now on board.

It does have a political base that has always been loyal to the Republican Party.

But its political base is very, very, extremely small.

It is also a group that has little interest in the issues.

It just wants to see the GOP lose and Trump become president.

And it’s a group whose main goals are to keep the GOP in power.

They are a movement, by the way, that is very much the party in power, and that is why its members are very, many, many conservatives.

That’s why they are a threat to the GOP if they ever get to power.

The second reason is the alt movement’s strategy of appealing to Trump’s base.

Its strategy of appeal to Trump and its efforts to undermine the GOP have always been very successful.

They succeeded in getting him to talk about issues and policies that appealed to his base, and those appeals helped to convince many conservatives to support him.

They also succeeded in pushing the GOP into a position where the party is now very likely to lose in November.

Third, the alt leftists’ strategy has worked.

When Trump became the presumptive nominee, it helped them tremendously.

The mainstream media and Republican establishment was all over him and he won.

They were all over his opponents.

They tried to attack him.

He made fun of them.

He did the usual things that a president does when he wins a nomination.

He called them all liars and haters and Nazis and racists and bigots.

His supporters loved him for that.

He was so popular.

But when the alt leftist movement began to pick up steam, they began to turn on him and his supporters.

So they have succeeded in turning the party into the party that they would like it to be.

They have succeeded because the GOP is not interested in winning, it is not focused on winning elections, it does not care about winning elections and is not going to do anything to win elections.

So when you see a Republican like Sen. Jeff Flake (R), who is one of the few who is actually doing something to fight back against the alt movements, then you know that the alt parties are not a threat.

And that makes the alt Left’s strategy even more effective.

The last thing that the GOP needs is more of these radical movements to threaten it.

If the alt factions get control of the GOP again, they can get their way.

So, what does this mean for the Republican base?

The most obvious effect of the alt Democrats’ strategy of alienating the GOP base is to make it harder for Republican voters to support their own candidates.

I’m not talking about an effort to steal their votes, or an effort that makes their votes irrelevant.

I am talking about a strategy that is designed to reduce the GOP to a tiny minority in the electorate and make it much more difficult for Republican leaders to win.

The GOP is a minority party in America.

It doesn’t need to be the majority party in order to be successful.

It only needs to be a minority.

The Democrats can win the White House by a very narrow margin.

The Republicans, on the other hand, need to win the Senate, the House, and the White Houses.

That is the kind of majority that the Republicans need.

And the Republican majority that they need to gain, that the Democrats don’t need, is the GOP majority.

The party needs to win every state, every Congressional

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