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article by ESPN Staff Writer Alex Pineda and Senior Writer Ryan O’Hara. 

Elmo’s is located on the top of Mt.

Vernon and is well-known for its restaurants, bars, and restaurants. 

“It is a great location to go to, a great place to hang out and enjoy the weather,” said Bud Lagerberg, Elm’s General Manager.

“The weather is beautiful here, but we also like to do our business in a good light.” 

Lagerberg said that Elms has a history of hosting several international events, including the International Women’s Day parade, the 2015 Winter Olympics, and the 2016 Winter Olympics. 

The Elmont Street location also has been located on a hill overlooking the Mount Vernon community and has also hosted events such as the Marching for the Cure, National Parade for Life, and Powder Rally. 

Lagers also said that he familiarized his guests with Elmer’s history and the location’s history. 

On Saturday, Logan Welch, the man who was the first to make the ascent of Mt Vernon in 1889, announced his retirement from ElM’s in a letter to guests. 

Welsh was born in New York and grew up in Brooklyn.

He is now 71 years old and has lived in Elmar for his entire life. 

He wrote in the letter that he felt it was his duty to take care of his family and to pass along the memories to those who care for me in my heart. 

A lone man in a unique location that is perfect for me to live in, I am so happy to have been selected to live here in Elm’s corner in the Southwest of North Carolina. 

Thanks for everything Elmo.

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