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Elevators in Kansas are being built at a rapid pace, with some on the way to becoming a standard feature of urban life.

A company called Elevation Partners is proposing to build a $1,2 million lift in Kansas city, and is aiming to open it in 2019.

It will have a six-story, six-seat lift with a three-level platform, and can be used to shuttle people from a shopping center to the airport.

The elevator is a prototype and the company hopes to move forward with the rest of its plans, according to its website.

The elevator is being built by Elevation Partnership, a company that designs, manufactures and markets elevator systems for hotels and restaurants, and has been around for about 20 years.

The company says the elevator is the “first in the nation to be designed, built, tested and certified for the passenger transportation system, the airline and commercial aviation,” according to Elevation’s website.

A spokeswoman for the company, which also includes a company called Kone, confirmed that the elevator was in the works, but did not elaborate.

The elevators have not been designed specifically for passenger transport, and Kone has said the lift will be designed to work best for smaller aircraft, according a statement on the company’s website .

The company plans to provide more information to the public on the project when it’s ready to take it to the next level, the company said.

The company said it would be building a new elevator in the city, a $2 million one.

But it did not say when the first one would be up and running.

It is the latest example of elevator development taking off in cities that are getting more urban.

The number of elevators in cities around the world has surged in recent years.

Many of those are for hotel and dining restaurants, including the Paris-based Hotel de France.

But there are also elevators for the airlines, the hotels, and even private residences.

The companies are competing to build the tallest elevator in Europe.

Kone, which is headquartered in New Jersey, said that it’s currently testing elevators with a $5 million price tag.

It’s not clear how far ahead of the curve the elevator company is.

The idea of an elevator is new, and the concept of a passenger elevator has not yet been proven in the real world.

A company that was looking to build an elevator for an airline in New York City would need to spend $1 million to build it, according the New York Times.

There is a lot of interest in building elevators, said Eric Zander, a vice president at the International Elevator Association, a trade group.

The idea is that if we can get a pilot-ready elevator up in New Orleans, we can make it more accessible, more affordable and more safe.

If we can do that, that’s great for the economy, for the environment, and for the people that use the elevators,” he said.

Elevators are generally designed to be built on a flat floor, not a raised platform.

It would be a lot easier for the person on the elevator, who might be sitting in a car, to use an elevator, Zander said.

If an elevator was ever built, it would have to be approved by the city and built by an elevator company, and there is currently no process for getting that approval, he said, adding that the process is slow and bureaucratic.

The city has not given any indication that it will allow a citywide elevator to be constructed, but the company is already operating a pilot project in the Twin Cities, said John Fetterman, the mayor’s transportation director.

The Twin Cities have been one of the top destinations for elevator business.

More than 20,000 people are currently employed in elevators at some level, according with a city study.

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