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In the midst of a deadly heat wave, some of the world’s highest peaks are under threat of becoming extinct. 

In Nepal and India, thousands of climbers have lost their lives on the mountains in the past decade. 

The Himalayan Mountains are among the world-famous Himalayan peaks and have been carved out by glaciers over hundreds of thousands of years. 

But despite the death toll in recent years, the Himalayan Glaciers National Park, which covers some 7,000 square kilometres (2,600 square miles) of the country, is still relatively safe. 

More than 20,000 climbers have died on the mountain since 1998, according to the International Himalayan Foundation. 

For years, Nepal and the Indian Himalayan provinces have been struggling with poverty, lack of infrastructure, and violence. 

One of the major challenges is that the Nepalese government has made little progress in building infrastructure or improving the quality of life for the Nepali people. 

“We need to find solutions to our challenges,” said Anushika Choudhary, the chair of Nepal’s Himalayan Mountain Tourism and Culture Committee, in a statement. 

She said Nepal is working to increase the number of visitors and tourists by 5 per cent per year, and the country has been able to do this by increasing the number and quality of roads and bridges. 

Anushika added that there are already plans to create more roads and new hotels in the region. 

Choudharies vision for the Himalayas, however, is that they will never be returned to their former glory. 

India’s Himalayans, whose country borders Nepal, have also suffered. 

They are also facing growing challenges. 

Since 1999, more than 5,000 people have died in Nepal, according the Nepal Institute of Tourism. 

It is estimated that about 5,700 of those deaths were due to natural causes. 

As a result of Nepal-related disasters, thousands have been displaced and the Himalaya resorts and villages have been reduced to rubble. 

Nepal’s Prime Minister, Sushil Koirala, has called for an end to the “sick and brutal war” in Nepal. 

Despite these challenges, the region has become a popular destination for tourists. 

According to the Nepal Tourism Ministry, Nepal has about 30 million tourists visiting the Himalays each year, making it the country’s third-largest tourism market. 

And the area has become the second-largest in the world behind China.

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