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AUSTIN, Texas —   Which US cities are the hottest?

  The Associated Press report today that New York City is in second place behind Austin and Washington, D.C., with an elevation of about 5,000 feet above sea level.

The AP attributes that rise to an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from fossil fuels.

New York City had an average elevation of 4,742 feet above average in January.

Austin is fifth with an average of 4 ,734 feet.

The report also attributes the increase in CO2 to the burning of fossil fuels that has increased by more than 600 million tons since 1970.

The Associated Press says it’s not clear if New York’s and Austin’s elevated ldh are linked.

Austin is in a valley, which is higher than New York, but the AP says it doesn’t mean the air is warmer.

But the air isn’t as hot in New York as it is in Austin.

The average elevation is about 4,300 feet higher than in New England, but New York has about 10 times the elevation, the AP reports.

The city is also getting less rain.

The last two years have seen a decrease in the amount of rain that falls in New Jersey and New York.

Austin has about 15 times the rainfall that New England gets, the report says.

The two cities have a lot in common.

Both have a large population of immigrants from China and other developing nations.

New York is home to more than a million Chinese, according to the AP.

The number of Chinese in New Hampshire has grown about 5% since 2010, according the AP, and about 7% in Austin since 2012.

It’s not just New York that is seeing an increase.

In June, the city of Atlanta had its hottest day in seven years, the Associated Press reports.

Atlanta’s average elevation climbed from 4,600 feet in June 2018 to 4,921 feet in July 2018.

Atlanta’s average ldh rose from 5,890 feet in 2018 to 6,066 feet in 2019.

In the US, the hottest month was June 2018 with an air temperature of 103 degrees, according to the AP report.

The air was 104 degrees in New Orleans on Friday.

The highest temperature in June was 113 degrees in San Antonio on June 6, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

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