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A number of players are opting to take part in voluntary work to make extra money.

They do this by taking up unpaid internships or working for clubs in exchange for higher wages.

It’s a way of making a living while still being involved with their clubs, and has been the subject of debate in some corners of the game.

“It’s the most popular sport, so if there’s a lot of people that want to make money out of it, I suppose there’s going to be people that will go along with that,” said Michael Kompany, who plays for Newcastle United.

But how to get there? “

I’d rather play football and be doing what I love than do this and get paid like a f***.”

But how to get there?

The rules vary, with some teams offering paid internships for free.

But many players say they’re more likely to do unpaid work because of the financial reward that can come from it.

“If you don’t get paid then you’re not going to play and you’re probably not going do anything to get better,” said Kompony.

“You’ve got that extra incentive to work hard and get better because you’re doing something you love and that’s something you want out of your life.”

It is also a way for players to keep up with their footballing idols, and to keep them motivated to keep playing, even when they have to leave their jobs to look after family.

But it can also put them in a position where they cannot afford to continue playing.

“They’ve got a very big ego.

They’re not sure what they want to do with their lives,” said Luke McGee.

“That’s a huge challenge.

If you’re struggling to pay your rent, you don’ want to be there.”

So, what do the players do?

Some, like former England captain Chris Smalling, take to the streets to protest against their club.

Others, like Kieran Richardson, play a more passive game of footy, while some, like Wayne Rooney, work to raise money for charity.

For some players, the game has a way to keep the pressure on.

“There’s no point playing if you don´t get paid,” said Matt Lowton, who played for Norwich City and has now moved to St Helens.

“In a lot [of cases], I’d rather go home and just relax and just be at home with my family, and if I go away I don’t have to worry about anything else.”

Some clubs are offering rewards for good performances, such as free meals, to players.

Others are encouraging players to take on the role of a mentor.

But the best advice comes from some of the players themselves.

“A lot of players want to help people and they don’t want to give away their money, so I just say you should help people,” said Ashley Young.

“People need to get their money together and help people.”

It’s not always easy.

Some players who want to get paid do so only because they don´ll be able to afford it.

Others struggle to afford food and accommodation, while others have no choice but to work to get by.

For those who can afford it, the pay can be rewarding.

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