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Updated September 14, 2019 09:21:13 Australia is paying its military $400million to train its troops for the next decade, with $100 million going to a special operations force and another $20 million going toward the development of a cyber command.

Key points:Australia’s special operations command has spent $100m on cyber training to help protect its networkSource: ABC NewsAAP Key pointsThe special operations group is one of the biggest in the world and includes the US, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Canada and New ZealandThe Australian government is spending $40m to train the military to protect its internet infrastructureSource: AAPThe $400m investment is part of a new $400 billion “Cyber Security Initiative” that was announced on Friday by Defence Minister Marise Payne and Defence Secretary David Johnston.

“This is a major strategic investment in our country’s future security and prosperity,” Ms Payne said in a statement.

“We have been investing heavily in defence technology for decades and this investment will ensure Australia’s defence is up to date and secure for our citizens and partners.”

Our cyber security capability is strong and our country is a leader in cyber-operations and defence, so it is important to keep that leadership at the forefront of our defence planning.

“The military has been looking at ways to boost its cyber defences in the wake of the devastating hack on the Sony Pictures hack, in which the company’s network was accessed by hackers posing as North Korean state media.”

There’s no question that our country has the capability and we have the capacity to fight back,” Ms Johnston said.”

What’s important is that we keep that capability and our capabilities up to the standards of other nations.”AAP

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