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Kale is a food-and-wine-focused company that sells and distributes premium farm-fresh kale to chefs, restaurants and farmers markets around the world.

It has been building out a network of more than 1,000 partners in the U.S. and Canada, and its growing portfolio includes products for wine makers, food producers, grocery stores and the like.

Now it’s launching a new app, Elevate Kale, that makes it easier to compare prices, track progress and keep track of how much you’re worth.

Here are some key takeaways: It’s a great way to know how much a certain kale has gone up in price The app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

But the company says it’s the first to show you exactly how much kale is worth, and to do so with color and color-coded graphs that make it easy to see how much of your food has grown over time.

The app doesn’t track the prices of individual kale varieties.

Instead, it shows how much each individual variety has gone from the original price to the current price.

The chart shows how the price has changed over time, and the color indicates how much has changed, according to a release from Kale.

The charts are a good indicator of what you’re buying, as you’ll see a trendline on each bar indicating how much more of your kale you’re paying for that one particular variety.

It’s also great for showing what the actual price of a specific variety is.

For example, in a grocery store, if you pay $4 for a gallon of kale, you’ll get a bar with a price of $4.50.

The bar shows you how much that kale will cost you at that price, and it will show you how many times you can buy it at that same price in the future.

The other major feature of Elevate is that it displays how much the different varieties have grown over the past two years.

It shows the price per gram of each variety as well as the amount of water you’ll need to get the crop to maturity, and how much it’ll cost you to harvest and plant it.

You can also look at the total cost of growing and harvesting kale in the past year, which is useful when you’re trying to determine whether to invest in a new farm.

The data is updated every month, so it shows you what the market price of your farm is right now, according a release.

The company says that Elevate will continue to add features in the coming weeks.

The latest app launch comes as Kale has been facing some growing pains.

Earlier this month, the company said that it was going to focus more on selling directly to consumers instead of its farm partners, and that the company was “going to have to rethink our focus and the way we work to get it right.”

The company’s farm partners have expressed frustration with the company’s inability to sell to them directly, with one saying that it’s impossible for him to get a wholesale contract.

That’s something that Kale said in its recent earnings report that the farm partners would like to see addressed in the app.

The release also notes that the app will help the company better manage its operations and provide more visibility into how the company is growing.

Kale declined to comment on whether it would make changes to the app in the near future.

We’ve reached out to Kale for comment and will update this story when we hear back.

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