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The American Conservatives article Dogs and cats eat together, but only one of them eats alligator food.

And only one cat, a male German shepherd, eats alligators, according to the Animal Welfare Institute, which is an animal welfare group based in Chicago.

A spokeswoman for the group said the alligator diet for dogs is mostly rabbit and pig, and that the cats eat mainly alligator.

The institute said the cats have eaten more than the dogs, but it was not clear how much of the alligators they ate.

The dogs eat fish, but not alligators.

The cats are also known to eat some other animals, such as raccoons, squirrels and other rodents.

The dog diet is mostly vegetarian, although the cats, which are vegetarian, have also been known to consume deer, deer antlers, boar antlers and deer antler shells, the institute said.

In some cases, the dogs may have eaten animals that were previously in their diet, such a rabbit or a cat, said Dr. John Fadiman, the veterinarian who studies dog behavior at the institute.

“The dogs are really quite tolerant of alligators,” Fadim said.

“They eat fish and rabbits and they don’t seem to have a problem with alligators.”

A dog with a history of having eaten alligators is more likely to have eaten them, but Fadimi said that dogs have been known for eating other animals.

Dogs are not the only carnivores that eat alligators for food.

A dog’s owners also eat all sorts of other animals including birds, reptiles and insects.

Fadimen said he does not know of any studies that have looked at dogs’ eating habits when alligators are not available.

He said the animals are a valuable food source because they are rich in calcium, vitamins A and D, iron, protein and other nutrients.

Cats eat a variety of animals, including rodents, frogs and birds.

There are also reports that dogs and cats have been eating fish, especially Atlantic salmon, but the institute says the animals may not be eating the fish to fill their diet.

An alligator-free diet can be especially beneficial for dogs, who are at high risk for obesity and disease.

A diet with alligator meat, however, can be a challenge for cats.

The institute said it does not recommend alligator diets for dogs.

The American Humane Association recommends that dogs be fed only meat from the carcass of alligator and only if the allgators are alive.

Fadiman said that the institute’s information on the cats is incorrect.

The group is not a veterinarian and does not conduct studies to evaluate cats’ diet habits.

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